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Watch our walkthrough of NavMotion’s powerful interactive features

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Take an Adventure in Video - with NavMotion



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Navigate video in a web like way using clickable hotspots to connect multiple video clips.

Create personalised experiences for audiences to explore.

Fully adaptable on-screen graphics match your branding and design.



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NavMotion powers rich in-video information displays

Browse text, video-in-video, images, galleries, links to external sites and social media buttons.

Perfect for displaying product ranges or delivering information that can be quickly updated.
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Add social buttons to your videos and make them fully shareable.

Generate signups, likes & follows directly from video.

Integrate with all major social media services as well as email forms.



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Create fully shoppable interactive videos.

NavMotion integrates with e-commerce platforms and stock control databases.

Powerful features also include video add-to-basket, stock availability, one time offers, incentive vouchers, social commerce and much more!
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Explore NavMotion videos on desktop, mobile, and tablet

Experience NavMotion on over 97% of all desktops and mobile devices worldwide.




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Embed NavMotion videos on almost any website, blogs or social media page.

Simply insert a short code directly into pages and we handle the rest with our global interactive video streaming service.
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