Form and Function: How video creative is shaped by social platforms


Have a sneaky peak of a forthcoming promo campaign for Conwy in North Wales promoting an unbelievable wealth of outdoor adventures. It was a challenging project involving filming multiple sports and activities. But challenging also to create a range of film experiences that would energise audiences across a multiplicity of screens and video destinations.

We worked closely with the client to create a whole suite of content designed to fit a range of social media platforms – starting with a 5 second teaser hit for micro blogs such as Vine and SnapChat, and a 15 second variant for Facebook. Both of these ultra shortform experiences are designed to generate engagement and interest longer YouTube versions with the platform hosting a range of 30 second promos. And for those with an attention span slightly longer than a goldfish there’s a full-on hefty 90 second exhibition version.

The films were devised, shot and produced by NavMotion during Autumn/Winter 2015. Wny not check out more of our recent work at

HartOfAdventure Film 4_v6.00_02_03_05.Still002